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Drawing by Leslie Goldberg

I just can’t stop thinking about it – a father of four, who served two terms of duty in Afghanistan, drops his 12-year-old daughter off at school and at that moment I.C.E. shows up and drags him off despite the sobs of his kids. The reason this long-term resident with a family and a history of service was grabbed up by Immigration to be thrown out of the U.S. was a 10-yeqr-old DUI charge.

Sickening. This isn’t the America I know. That America is in the back of an I.C.E. van, stolen.

Everyday it’s something else, born out of hate and acted out in brutality. The cruelty takes my breath away.

Obsessively I watch the news at night, hoping for glimmers of kindness, honesty, integrity and courage and sometimes I find those things. Today not so much. I keep thinking about that dad and his family.

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