If anyone needed any more reason to believe that the beef industry is, well, a bit out of touch, consider this recent Dec. 17 headline in their publication, “Beef Magazine:”

“Street Protesters: Be Mad at the Government, Not the Police.”

What? Don’t be outraged by police officers wantonly killing unarmed black people, be mad at the government? (!) The last time I checked, there were no government laws directing officers to kill people if they happened to feel like it.

The author of a “Beef Magazine” editorial, Troy Marshall is a “multi-generational rancher” who wrote that he admittedly hadn’t had much experience with the judicial system. (Yes, he’s white.)

At that point the editorializer probably should have stopped writing.

But he went on to compare those devastated and infuriated by the recent grand jury “verdicts” in the killings of unarmed Michael Brown and Eric Garner to, yes, those “disgruntled citizens forced to deal with the IRS.”

I guess those “disgruntled citizens” would have to include Mitt Romney and Leona Helmsley. (I know, I know, regular folks are also disgruntled by the IRS.)

And then Mr. Marshall went on to lecture the Michael Brown and Eric Garner protesters: “Just as community police perform the job they are paid to do, IRS agents have a job to do. I think we’re mad at the wrong people. It’s not their fault directly but the unchecked power of the government that employs them.”

So, you think police are paid to kill unarmed black men, Mr. Marshall of “Beef Magazine?” Well, when you think about it, a lot of police do end up getting paid for deliberately killing unarmed folks (usually black), but I don’t think it’s in their stated job description.

Marshall goes on to call out the EPA and OSHA for “being overreaching, overly powerful and [having] a tendency to apply their power in an unfair and capricious manner.”

Oh yes, the EPA and OSHA, the agencies in government charged with protecting the environment and worker health and safety. Now I see the picture…

If the new budget proposed by the Republicans in the House (and supported by animal agriculture) passes, ranchers such as Marshall won’t have to report (or take responsibility for) pollution from manure, according to a recent article in the New York Times. They won’t have to report (or take responsibility for) greenhouse gas emissions from manure management systems.

“Nor can (the government) require ranchers to obtain greenhouse gas permits for methane emissions produced by bovine flatulence or belching,” wrote the Times.

Take that, you pesky, overreaching, overly powerful EPA with your tendency to apply your power in an unfair and capricious manner!

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  1. There’s a hidden principle in the pronouncements from those folks who “kill for a living”. And…it is quite consistent with their way of operating. That principle…should it not be hidden…would go something like: “Money is more valuable and worth greater protection than the life or lives of any sentient being(s).” Period.

    It would be refreshing to see them clearly and openly state this operating principle they worship.

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