Page from the latest issue of the Sierra Club’s magazine.

By Leslie Goldberg

In a bald-faced move to appeal to its donor base of meat-eaters, hunters and ranchers, the “environmental group” published a puff piece in its monthly magazine, Sierra, on the wonders of salami, meat pates, sausage and meat jerkies. I swear to God.

Detail from Sierra Club magazine puff piece on meat.

Seeking to ignore the facts that animal agriculture is the biggest source of water pollution in the United States; the biggest source of climate change; and the primary reason the rainforests have been decimated, the writer of the story, “Cuts Above,” has the audacity to suggest that eating these types of meats is “sustainable” because “no part of the animal goes to waste.”


No worries. The author goes on to reassure us that the products featured in the article “are all made from animals that were humanely butchered and not pumped with hormones and antibiotics.” She doesn’t elaborate on how an animal who wants to live might be “humanely butchered.”

Perhaps you wonder how a Vicious Vegan like myself might have the opportunity to look at the Sierra Club monthly magazine. A long time ago when I still believed that the Sierra Club was committed to saving the environment, I got myself a lifetime membership. Now, there’s not a month that goes by when that group doesn’t manage to disappoint me.

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  1. okay I am so mad right now. I am so sick and tired of money getting in the way of progress. Thank goodness I have not donated to this group. I have however signed umpteen petitions of theirs. Now I question their sincerity. They are just like all the rest in the pockets of big corporations.
    You cannot trust anyone nowadays! From now on I will be posting on FB to all my friends who sign these petitions to not donate any money to this group and be suspicious of their intentions.

  2. This type of thing is the very reason they no longer get money from me anymore. They are a sham environmental organization that is pushing us off the environmental cliff.

  3. Thanks Leslie for being a viscous vegan!
    They are desperate and they are desperately trying to save what can be saved in this dirty business of the meat industry, no excuse is too ridiculous. Deep inside they know that the meat and dairy industries are doomed. They just don’t want to face it. Yet.
    The number of people switching to a plant based or at least vegetarian diet is growing by the day, must be a scary thought if your income depends on taking billions of lives every year.
    Sierra Club, let’s see who’ll take a hike in the end.

    1. Thanks Susan. It’s pretty bad when the US government has acknowledged the impact of animal eating on the environment and the freaking Sierra Club is silent.

  4. THIS diet is cáncer forming ,blood preasure dangerous ,colesterol Plus triglecirieds.on top Menieres desease.. (vertigo ).the french reseaech from the charco times ..salty foods because no refrigerations…dangerous food.

  5. Firgot to say…this food is pure cruelty of unimaganables proportions to animals in the EU. Intensive farming is terribke corrupt in Spain..

  6. Incredible article ..M thanks totally agreed Im still alive because vegetables as a child had this diet of charco meats…many of my friends diez of heart desea se and cáncer..

  7. that’s unreal. obviously they must be soliciting the majority of their donations from the weekend backpacker crowd. ain’t that a shame.

  8. The point that trumps all others is not “please care about animals” it’s “the easiest way to fight climate change is with plant-based diets- otherwise we will become extinct.”
    Not sure why so many vegans miss this crucial point.
    Wanna live? Go vegan!
    “”A person who lives 70 years as a vegan will prevent 100 tons of Co2 equivalent.

    “Lets say if a billion people were to do that throughout their lifetimes they would be cutting 100 billion tons of co2 reduction.” Thats a substantial reduction.”
    – IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, has said that people should give up eating meat at least once a week in order to help prevent global warming.”

    1. Thanks Kram. I agree the animal rights movement has been far too wussy. That’s why I’m a part of Direct Action Everywhere and we do loud, disruptive protests all over the place, wherever animals are being turned into commodities.

      1. What kind of reactions are you getting? Any violent characters out there? From some of the commenting( out there) you would think we were trying to take their guns away. I have not tried this yet. Been posting all kinds of things on FB and care2 and telling people I am a vegan which immediately starts a conversation. ususally not violent but some geesh!

    2. Your right unfortunately. As a vegan for about 13 years I have been educating people about Factory farming whenever and wherever I go. After reading hundreds of comments by meat eaters (some really nasty) and others who get it but just can’t and then there is the people like me who in in an instant changed to vegan. I have found that there is only a tiny fraction of ‘me’s’ out there and more of in the middle to nasty meat eaters. Mostly men won’t budge because they have this gender thing about meat and masculinity going on. Some just like to kill things and some are’ thoughtful hunters’ . I guess the shock of being told your going down too might scare or convince some but it will still be near impossible to get the deniers on board.

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