Hot Dog Pizza Bites

By Leslie Goldberg

Vegans take it on the chin a lot for posting on Facebook graphic images of farmed animals being tortured and/or killed. We’re often threatened with getting unfriended for our affront to online polite society. But now, when it comes to graphically disgusting imagery, Pizza Hut has decided to jump into the ring with its latest offering, Hot Dog Pizza Bites.

What does this look like to you, folks? I’m voting for something you might see on the sidewalk at Mardi Gras or in a gas station toilet bowl. But hey, that’s just me.

I understand there are some people out there who might think this was food. They might even pay money for it.

In case anyone’s forgotten, let’s review what is in hot dogs. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, hot dogs contain “lower-grade muscle trimmings, fatty tissues, head meat, animal feet, animal skin, blood, liver and other edible slaughter by-products.” PETA likes to add to that list, “Chemicals, bugs, rodent parts, pig anuses, bone, pig snouts, plastic and metal.”

Let’s be clear: Hot Dog Pizza Bites contain the flesh, blood and secretions of animals who wanted to live. The flesh, blood and secretions of animals who felt pain, abandonment and terror all for the trivial reason of Pizza Hut’s “latest offering.”

Time to unfriend them.

– A Vicious Vegan blog post –


  1. Personally I think the new pizza is disgusting and why would you ever mix hotdogs with anything that’s even remotely edible??

  2. Off Topic: Could you do a column on vegan meat substitutes?
    Imma veg boy,30 years this week,sporadic vegan(some eggs/cheese Sometimes)…I didn’t consume any meat substitutes for many many moons,but partake of them sporadically.
    If you have info/data,access to such it would be
    appreciated ! Specifically:which companies have healthiest & most sustainable ingredients.
    I appreciate your (yall’s?) posts,have shared a few recently…
    Keep on Keep in On!

    1. Thanks CC! I don’t have much info on meat substitutes. I don’t like them much myself because of the taste. Some remind me so much of meat, I really don’t like them! I have read that isolated soy protein which is in a lot of junk food and some of the meat substitutes promotes something called insulin-like growth factor or IGF. And IGF in turn promotes cancer growth. I don’t believe Tofukey has isolated soy protein, but Cliff Bars do, the last time I checked.

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